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Same Seeds; Different Prices


Seed companies routinely sell identical seed varieties under multiple brands with dramatically different prices.

Protect yourself before you buy seed. Get the report to see which much brands relabel.  

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How Seed Relabeling Affects Farmers

We analyzed over 7,500 seed bag tags and 10,000 seed invoices. We used that data to shed light on the practice of seed relabeling. Some farmers over-paid, as much as $97/bag for corn seed, for identical seed varieties available in their state from other brands.



In This Report:  


 How to Decode a Seed Tag


 Which Seed Companies Relabel the Most


 Financial Implications for Farmers


How Many Farmers Does It Impact?

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Find Out if Your Seeds Are Relabeled Before Buying


Hear What Farmers Said About This Report


"I typically buy seed from many brands, so I thought I had a good sense of the market. 

But through the FBN Relabeling Study, I found out I could have saved $20/bag on beans and $25/bag on corn seeds identical to ones I was already planting! Now I can't imagine buying seeds without checking for relabeled alternatives."



"You're giving the farmers clarity on what they are actually buying, along with the prices nationwide." 



"I deliberately break up my seed orders to spread genetic risk across brands and maturities. So much for genetic diversity in my seed selection... This bothers me on so many levels. How can farmers be good stewards when seed companies do not clearly disclose when varieties are cross marketed between competitive brands? I expect the various national seed families to have a lot of relabeling, but am very surprised to see competing companies sharing seed stock."


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