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Grain Marketing & Pricing

Grain Marketing and Pricing Contracts that provide options and flexibility. Transform the way you market crops.


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FBN Crop Marketing: Grain Marketing & Pricing

With FBN℠ Grain Marketing & Pricing, FBN Members have access to unique pricing contracts that allow members to take market positions, while maintaining flexibility and freedom

Deferred Futures Contract

Deferred Futures - Get cash for your crops without the risk of missing a future rally

  • Deliver your grain: You deliver your grain to the elevator of your choice, under Farmers Business Network's name
  • Get cash flow: We pay you 70% of your initial cash price.
  • Keep exposure to Futures price movements: You enter a Deferred Futures contract with FBN, locking in a reference futures price and month allowing you to capture changes in the futures price.
  • Settle up: When you close the contract we pay you the remaining 30% of your initial cash price +/- the difference in deferred futures
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The Independent Hedge-to-Arrive

The Independent Hedge-to-Arrive - Lock-in a futures price without getting locked into a single buyer's Basis offer. 

  • Lock-in a futures price: Lock-in a futures price just like with a traditional HTA
  • Shop for the best Basis: Maximize your potential revenue by selecting the delivery location with the most desirable Basis for you.

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FOB Farm Basis Offers

The FOB Farm Basis Offer allows farmers to seek better Basis levels by leveraging the scale and negotiating power of the FBN Network.

  • Set a Basis Offer: Set a Basis offer with a 30-day expiration. If we can find a Basis level or netgotiate a Basis level that meets your offer, we'll accept your Basis offer and pick up your grain.
  • Take the Spot Price or Roll to another Futures Contract: If we're able to accept your Basis offer you will have the option of taking the spot price or rolling into a Deferred Futures contract.

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